Worst Moments of 2011 – #5: Nats Get Rocked 15-7

In this installment of the Worst Moments of the Washington Nationals 2011 season, we’ll remember the Nats ugly 15-7 loss at Coors Field in Colorado. If you’d like to see the top five moments of last season, click here.

There are some nights in baseball where, for even the best teams, absolutely nothing goes right. August 6th’s 15-7 blowout loss was such a night for the Washington Nationals.

It started out innocently enough. Livan Hernandez was up to his old tricks and had pitched two shutout innings to begin the game. Aside form a Troy Tulowitzki double in the second inning, it seemed like Hernandez was on pace to have another one of his prototypical pitch-to-contact games where he would throw at least 140 pitches. That wasn’t in the cards that Saturday night, however.

Hernadnez wouldn’t survive the fourth. The Rockies rallied and scored four runs on two hits, a hit by pitch, and an error in the third. In the next inning, the Rockies bats exploded for five runs on seven hits. It was so bad that even the Rockies’ starter, Jhoulys Chachin, had a hit and scored a run in the inning.

The Rockies would go on to continue to pummel Tom Gorzelanny, Todd Coffey, Sean Burnett, and Henry Rodriguez. Nothing the Nationals seemed to throw at Colorado would work, as the Rockies scored at least one run in the sixth, seventh, and eighth to win 15-7 with 19 total hits.

Perhaps what was so disheartening about this loss is that in the weeks prior it seemed like the club who had its heart ripped out by Jim Riggleman had started to come back together. But losses like these are so demoralizing, because no matter who you throw at the opposing team, runs keep going up on the board. No how many runs you put up yourself, runs keep going up on the board. 

The Nats rebounded, however, and won eight of their next 13.