Zuckerman: Zimmerman Not Upset Over Dunn, Excited About Werth

Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington helped clear the air this week on Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman’s hard push for the team to re-sign former Nationals first baseman and power hitter Adam Dunn this winter.

According to reports, Zimmerman had been very disappointed in the club for not re-signing Dunn, a close friend and mainstay in the Nationals batting order for a number of years. The club made several attempts to extend the slugger, but Washington failed to match the offers of other clubs, and ultimately Dunn left for the Chicago White Sox.

However, CSN’s Mark Zuckerman reports that Zimmerman does not want there to be confusion among sources. Zimmerman says that he does not want his disappointment about his friend no being re-signed to be confused with disappointment in the franchise, because, according to Zimmerman, that is just not the case.

“I think a lot of people took it as I was taking a stab at [the Nats] or talking bad about them, which was completely the opposite,” said Zimmerman.

This is interesting but also good news to hear for Nats fans. Zimmerman is easily, right now, the face of the franchise, and for this team to compete in the future, he will be on the players who can throw the team on his back and will them to victory. Although, it will be interesting to see how something like this will effect the chemistry of he team, what with losing a player who is the caliber of Adam Dunn, but also someone who was generally liked in the clubhouse. Time will tell.