Bryce Harper Works Out, Chats With Harold Reynolds

Some takeaways:

- Bryce Harper sounds like a lot of 18/19-year-old kids I played baseball with. The good thing is he sounds like the ones that were destined for stardom. There are too many incredibly talented athletes who do not care about their gift, who wish they were doing something else. But as Harper says he doesn’t care about the pressure because he has higher expectations on himself than anyone.

- Reynolds was in the Mariners system when Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. came to the Majors at the same age as Harper. He said after watching Bryce work out that he was truly impressed incomparrison to those two future Hall of Famers. While you dont expect Reynolds to slight the 19-year-old kid during the interview, that is NOT a compliment he had to give. To me that speaks volumes.

- Harper doesn’t want to be a major league player, or the best player on the Nationals, he wants to be the best player in baseball. That type of motivation coupled with that type of talent is incredibly promising.