NatsTown News: Prince, Prince, and Prince

The Washington Nationals continued to be involved in an endless stream of Prince Fielder news this weekend.  Plenty of folks in the baseball world had something to say about the ongoing Fielder saga.

Nats Enquirer links to an interview with Cecil Fielder, Prince’s father, on MLB Network Radio where he predicts that Prince to end up with the Nats.

Meanwhile, Peter Gammons of suggests that local media rights have quite a lot to do with where Fielder will end up, and the Nats increasing share of MASN can’t hurt their chances.

If you haven’t listen to our latest Nats Talk On The Go podcast yet, do that now.  We talk about basically nothing but Prince Fielder for about 40 minutes.

Bill Ladson of posted a poll asking who Nats fans want as their first baseman to start 2012.  The answer won’t surprise you.  At this point, 68% of Nats fans want Prince in that role, with Adam LaRoche getting fewer votes than even Michael Morse.

In case you want something non-Prince related, Nationals Arm Race put together an interesting look at non-MLB professional baseball leagues in the US and across the world.  Definitely worth your time.

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