Ozzie Guillen Knew They Had A “Big Problem” In Adam Dunn From Day 1

Former Chicago White Sox manager and current Miami Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen said on ESPN Chicago’s Waddle & Silvy Show yesterday that he knew that Adam Dunn was in trouble for the 2012 season from the first day of Spring Training.

“I looked at his swing and I told [bench coach] Joey Cora going home, ‘My God we’ve got a big problem,’ ” Guillen said.

The former Chi-Sox skipper went on to say that despite working with all of the team’s coaches they could not find his stroke.

“He couldn’t find his stroke, he couldn’t find it,” Guillen continued. “He do everything. People in Chicago, believe me, he try everything in his power to get better. We watched the videos, fastball, change up, everything was missing.”

Dunn of course signed a four-year, $56 million deal with the White Sox last winter after the Nationals chose to let him go into free-agency. While general manager Mike Rizzo expressed some interest in keeping the powerful slugger, he also was adamant that he would not lock him up for a long-term deal.

Dunn, who was once a pillar of constancy, went on to have literally one of the worst season in major league baseball history. In 496 plate appearances he hit ..159/.292/.277 with 11 home runs and 42 RBI, those numbers were down from a career 162 game average of .243/.374/.503 with 38 home runs and 95 RBI.

The 31-year-old wasn’t helped by the fact that he had an emergency appendectomy just days into his season, but according to Guillen the problem was there well before the year began.

To hear the whole segment from Guillen on Dunn, go to the 19 minute mark here.