Phillies Fans Announce “The Takeover” To Counter “Take Back the Park” Initiative

Philadelphia Phillies fans were outraged after the Washington Nationals announced the “Take Back the Park” initiative.  Under the initiative, you must be from DC, Maryland, or Virginia in order to buy a ticket to any home game against the Phillies in 2012.

Well, Crossing Broad is the latest Philadelphia sports blog that aims to counter “Take Back the Park” with a bus trip to DC called “The Takeover.”  For this trip, $120 will get you the bus trip to Nationals Park, lower-level seats in right field, and a tailgate to include alcohol.  The event will take place on May 6th, to coincide with the Nationals first appearance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

To the organizer’s credit, he does take time to mention that the Nationals “are an up and coming team– we can’t deny that,” and they remind fans that “…despite the rhetoric being used by both Phillies and Nationals fans, this is a peaceful event. We are going to support the Phillies, not to be jackasses.”  It all seems unlikely that a group of fans that appear to be as vindictive as Phillies fans would come to Nationals Park peacefully, as the organizer indicates, but I guess anything is possible.

This is just the latest news associated with the “Take Back the Park” initiative thought up by Nationals COO Andy Feffer.  Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey also drafted a letter to the Lerners asking the “elimination” of the plan, to which Feffer responded with a polite, verbose “sorry, but no” type response.  The run-up to the May 4-6 series with the Phillies will certainly be an eventful one.

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