Rick Ankiel’s Stupid Good Throw

Rick Ankiel showed again last night that he, hands down, has the best outfield arm in all of baseball. While the throw itself technically didn’t stop the Astros from running on him (Zimmerman later said that the Astros weren’t going to test Ankiels arm in the first place), and the baserunner actually scored shortly afterword when Strasburg let up a two-run dobule, it was still an incredible display of ability which demanded a standing ovation from the crowd. 
How important is arm strength? It’s not the end-all be-all for outfielders but it certainly helps because it can stop teams from taking extra bases. In the aggregate, that saves runs. Ankiel will need to continue to hit and not make bonehead errors like he did the very next inning after he made this throw to maintain his value with the club…but man…what a rocket he has on his shoulder.