Sign The Petition To Get Frank Jobe Into The Hall of Fame

At The Nats Blog we get about a dozen emails a week with people asking us to promote their service, share a link, or to help with their cause. We ignore 99% of these emails because we believe that the content that lives on our blog should not be tainted by outside interests. Our goal is simple, to give the best independent news and analysis on the Washington Nationals that we possibly can. 

One email, however, I simply couldn’t ignore. A group is currently working on promoting an online petition to get Frank Jobe, inventor of the Tommy John surgery, into the Hall of Fame. As this is a topic that we’ve written about here on the blog before, I was happy to post something here today. 

The impact of Jobe’s surgery is extremely far reaching, and unquestionably changed the game for the better. Before its invention, any elbow injury marked a sure-fire end to a pitcher’s career. Nats fans, if you’re paying attention, that means that were it not for Jobe, Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann’s careers would already be over. 

The surgery was so revolutionary that not only are players now able to return from elbow injuries, they are actually able to come back stronger than before. When Strasburg and Zimmermann went down with arm injuries, it was a very scary time until it was revealed that they needed to get Tommy John surgery. Then we knew that the hurler’s would be out for a good 10-12 month period, but that when they came back they would be as strong as ever. 

So please. If you like watching Strasburg and Zimmermann take the mound once every five days, or you are a fan of the countless other MLB stars who have benefitted from this surgery. Please, click here and sign the petition.