Nats Series Opener Against Braves Postponed Following Navy Yard Shooting

This morning, at least 12 lives were lost in the Washington Navy Yard near Nationals Park in a shooting incident. Many details are unknown about the circumstances around the shooting, but law enforcement officials are still searching for two individuals who may have been involved in the incident at the time of this post.

The Nats Blog's thoughts are with the victims of this incident, their families, all those who work at the Navy Yard, and the law enforcement personnel who investigate this incident.

Obviously, this shooting was particularly relevant to the Nationals, as the Navy Yard is just a few blocks from Nationals Park, and the Nats and Braves were scheduled to begin their final series of the regular season this evening at 7:05 pm. The Nationals, consulting with Major League Baseball, have now postponed tonight's game due to the Navy Yard Shooting.

The make up game has been scheduled, and the two teams will play a split doubleheader at 1:05 pm and 7:05 pm on Tuesday, September 17.

Editorial aside: When this incident began around 8:20 this morning, no one knew what to make of the situation. As time rolled on, it became apparent that there were more questions than answers. Still, players for both the Nationals and Braves were told to report to the ballpark on time. Finally, after a long delay, the Nationals reported today's postponement.

I make all of these comments without being privy to any inside information about how this postponement decision was made, and I'm sure there were relevant reasons for the delay. However, I do understand that the team has to consult with MLB, and the fact that it wasn't a foregone conclusion that postponing tonight's game was the right action is disappointing.

Whatever the reasons were for the delay, I'm glad it finally came, but it shouldn't have taken this long. Baseball, in the grand scheme of things, is irrelevant. The safety of fans, players, park personnel, media, and the neighborhood surrounding the stadium is, and always should be, paramount.

I'm happy the game was postponed, but I wish it had had happened earlier to keep even more people, including park personnel and media, safe in their homes. There shouldn't have been any doubt what the right decision was. I hope that the lack of baseball in southeast DC tonight helps law enforcement investigate the horrific events today at the Navy Yard.

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