Nats Talk On The Go: Episode 58

The Nats are back from the All-Star Break, and Craig is back from his honeymoon. We discuss the Rick Eckstein firing and whether it was the right decision. We talk a bit about the All-Star Week, and Bryce Harper's move to the leadoff spot. The trade deadline is on the horizon, so the buyers and sellers conversation is due. Craig and I tackle the Braun suspension and performance-enhancing drugs before coming to a sad realization about the Nationals' 2013 season.

Disclaimer: This one earns an "Explicit" tag. Please don't listen to this in the car with young children or those with fragile dispositions.

Joe Drugan

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Joe is the Managing Editor of The Nats Blog and host of the Nats Talk On The Go podcast. He's been blogging about the Nationals since 2010 and with The Nats Blog since 2011.