Nats Talk On The Go: Episode 68

Welcome to our first ever live episode of Nats Talk On The Go! Craig and I wanted to try this so you can all see how we do these podcasts, in living color. And you should also be able to participate. 

We'll try to keep up with Twitter (@TheNatsBlogJoe and @CraigMac) in case you want to ask us questions as we go along. Please bear with us in case of any technical difficulties in our pilot episode, and thanks for tuning in.

If you missed the live broadcast, you should be able to watch the rerun below, and it will be available via iTunes, as usual. We'd love to hear your feedback on our first go at this, so let us know!

Joe Drugan

About Joe Drugan

Joe is the Managing Editor of The Nats Blog and host of the Nats Talk On The Go podcast. He's been blogging about the Nationals since 2010 and with The Nats Blog since 2011.