Washington Nationals 2013 Roundtable On District Sports Page: Part 1 – Grading The Offseason

Dave Nichols of District Sports Page organized the 2013 Washington Nationals rountable this year, where a few Nats bloggers (including me) were asked to make predictions about the coming season. It's a seven-part series, and I'll be crossposting the links here as well as my answers to each of the questions.

Here are a list of the participants along with their great websites:

Dave Nichols, Editor-in-Chief, District Sports Page

Alyssa Wolice, Staff Writer, District Sports Page

Ted Starkey, Contributor to DSP, author and Editor at SBNation.com

Ryan Kelley, DSP Prospects Writer and founder of BaseballNewshound.com

Tom Bridge, Editor, WeLoveDC.com

Patrick Reddington, Editor, Federal Baseball

Joe Drugan, Managing Editor, The Nats Blog

In this part, we each assigned a grade to the Nats offseason. You can check out the post and everyone's responses here, and here is what I wrote about on the subject:

"It’s hard to imagine giving much lower than an A, here. The team didn’t have many glaring holes after a 98-win season, and the few issues that they had were resolved in the offseason. The Nationals haven’t had a true leadoff hitter or centerfielder, well, ever. Mike Rizzo solved that all in one trade this offseason when the team acquired Denard Span. They also made their very good bullpen even better with the Rafael Soriano signing, they brought back Adam LaRoche, who was the team’s 2012 MVP, and the Dan Haren signing, if he’s even mostly healthy, would be a significant upgrade over Edwin Jackson from last year.

The Nats didn’t have to do much to earn this high grade, but the grade is well deserved, nonetheless. You can’t downgrade the team because they’re so good they didn’t have to make many moves, can you?"

Joe Drugan

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