Quotes from the Clubhouse: Jayson Werth On The Come From Behind Win

On swinging at a 3-0 pitch: “It’s one of those situations where if you hit into a double play right there it’s probably the worst play you’ve ever seen. If you get a hit, it’s the best. I’m glad it worked out, that’s for sure.”

On if he looked in a particular zone to swing on 3-0: “When I played for Charlie Manuel, he always talked about ‘aim for the foul pole.’ I was just aiming for the foul pole. It worked out.”

On the difference a day makes in baseball: “Last night, we’re sitting here talking about how bad we are. Tonight, it’s a different story. Crazy game.”

On the come from behind wins: “I’ve played on teams where it’s just a feeling. You can’t really explain it, but there’s confidence there, you know? You don’t ever feel out, and I feel it on this team, for sure. Our ability to come back is great. Early on, in April especially, you put these come from behind wins, you put them in your pocket. You put them in the bank. It’s something you build on, and as the season goes on, you got those under your belt. So, this is good. We may not be playing our best ball at times, but I like the way we’re playing.”