Top 15 Washington Nationals Vines For May 2014

There is no question that the Washington Nationals have had a tough May. They have won just three out of their eight series despite playing most of their games at home, and they’re headed into a month where they’ll play 17 out of 28 games on the road. That doesn’t mean that we can’t spend some time looking back at some of the best Vine moments from May.

The Puig Bat Flip Out When the Los Angeles Dodgers were in town early this month, Nats fans got to see one of the most exciting players in all of baseball: Yasiel Puig. Part of Puig’s excitement is his personality, which is pretty accurately portrayed in this incredible bat flip on a routine flyout caught by Denard Span. This bat flip was so epic, Jonah Keri started a section in his Grantland column called Bat Flip of the Week.

The “C’mon Man” When Span was quick pitched inside by Cliff Lee, he was not thrilled, which resulted in what will certainly be a long-standing meme in NatsTown.

The Ian Desmond Section Desmond had some real winners in May. First, he crushes a home run and then ceremoniously removes his own helmet in celebration, like he does when his teammates hit taters. Then, Desmond gets in on his own bat flipping action after the batter in front of him was intentionally walked. Finally, we have one that’s not really Desmond related, but he’s in the frame. It’s the infamous armpit smelling couple in the background while Desi does the bat stare. So much greatness happening in this Vine.

The Pitchers Jordan Zimmermann’s defensive, life-saving grab could have gone into the next category, but I decided to keep him with his fellow pitchers. Stephen Strasburg had a magical changeup against Chase Utley, and while Aaron Barrett had a little bit more trouble in May, his slider is still silly.

The Good Defense The good stuff defensively was pretty sparse this month, but there are some good ones. Jayson Werth robs a New York Mets game-tying home run to end the game with a Nats win, Anthony Rendon makes a great barehanded grab and throw, and Tyler Moore and Wilson Ramos show that they believe they can fly.

The WTF Stuff We couldn’t talk about may without having a section like this. Werth misses a routine flyout, which Strasburg is not thrilled about. Gio Gonzalez melts into Zimmermann after Billy Hamilton robs Rendon during the 15 inning game against the Cincinnati Reds. Josh Harrison lays out and absolutely robs Ramos in Pittsburgh, and Nate McLouth gets nailed by a line drive off the bat of Rendon in foul territory.

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