Tony Gwynn

Hitting For The Cycle: Tony Gwynn, Parity, and Momentum

We were all incredibly saddened about loss of Tony Gwynn, one of the greatest pure hitters in baseball history. So, it only seems right that the first two hits are about this huge loss for baseball. After Gwynn, we look at the unbelievable parity in Major League Baseball this season and whether momentum is really something you can quantify.

Wild Card Game - St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves

Hitting For The Cycle: International Prospects, Selig’s Successor, Pace of Play, and the Braves New Stadium

After an unexpected off day due to rain, the Washington Nationals will resume their series against the Miami Marlins this evening. Until then, here are the four national articles that you absolutely must read from the past week. You’ll learn about this year’s international prospects, Jerry Reinsdorf and Bud Selig‘s battle for MLB’s next commissioner, […]


Hitting For The Cycle: Grit, Lineups, Baseball Economy, And Matt Bush

Single: Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Scouting Fortitude by Jason Parks (Baseball Prospectus) To start off, we are headed to a free article from Baseball Prospectus by noted prospect guru and general weirdo Jason Parks. Oftentimes these “poll the industry” pieces can be nothing but fluff and column inches, but this is the exception that […]


Hitting For The Cycle: Jobu, Umpires, And Oakland’s Stadium Problems

Single:Indians, Not Plumbing, Stop the A’s by Paul Gutierrez (ESPN) Bud Selig, the esteemed commissioner of MLB, who has presided over an incredibly prosperous era both in labor peace and economic profitability, has two serious legacy problems: PEDs and the Oakland Athletics. One of these issues is simple – Selig turned his back when players […]


Hitting For The Cycle: Stats, Prospects, And Les Expos

In our Hitting for the Cycle series, Craig MacHenry goes through the best of the best baseball writing for the past week – highlighting national stories while giving them some Nationals perspective. Single: Beane Counters by Jonah Keri (Grantland) This feature, which ran last week on the ESPN offshoot Grantland, was yet another biographical and analytical […]