Drew Storen for Andrew McCutchen: A Trade We’d Make A Thousand Times Over

As the Washington Nationals find themselves once again at the center of offseason transaction talk, two big Nats players found their way in the discussion.  One of them was Ryan Zimmerman, the other was Drew Storen.  Will already covered the Prince Fielder situation yesterday, so today we’ll talk about Storen. Let’s be clear before we […]


Nationals Have Had Heavy Talks With Prince Fielder, Why It Makes Sense

While some had considered the Washington Nationals as unlikely bidders for one of the two major free-agent first baseman as a result of their current logjam at the position, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports insists that the club is a major player for free-agent Prince Fielder and view him as their top offensive target. Fielder, […]

Biggest Surprises of 2011 – #5: Jayson Werth

Today, we begin a new five-part series, one where we evaluate the biggest surprises on the Washington Nationals 2011 roster.  This isn’t about the moments; we’ve covered that already.  It’s about the individual performances that just made us sit back and say “wow.”  Remember, surprises can be good or bad, so don’t be thrown off! […]


Is It Time For The Nationals To Consider Shopping Chris Marrero?

News has come out this week that the Cincinnati Reds are now fielding offers for prized first-base prospect Yonder Alonso, which means the 24-year-old Cuban native has something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The former first round pick has been stuck in purgatory, otherwise known as Louisville Kentucky, playing for the Reds’ Triple-A farm […]


Are The Nationals Interested In Carlos Quentin?

With few realistic options in acquiring a starting center fielder, the Washington Nationals may have interest in attempting to acquire corner-outfielder Carlos Quenten from the Chicago White Sox, according to Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune. Gonzales, who doesn’t cite any specific sources, points to the fact that Nats general manager Mike Rizzo originally drafted […]

Giving Thanks: What I’m Thankful For in NatsTown

For more than 30 years after the Washington Senators left our Nation’s Capital for the final time, DC baseball fans longed for a new professional baseball team.  In 2005, they were granted their wish with the Washington Nationals.  It seems crazy that it’s already been 7 seasons since baseball’s return to Washington, but it has.  […]

Our New Washington Nationals Podcast Now Available on iTunes

We’re happy to announce that our new Washington Nationals podcast in collaboration with Capitol Baseball is now available on iTunes for subscription. You can subscribe to it here. That way you can enjoy our newest podcasts every time they come out on your iPhone, iPad, or other internet-enabled devices. We hope you all enjoy this […]

Podcast: Partnership with Capitol Baseball for new Washington Nationals Podcast

  Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new Washington Nationals podcast for fans across NatsTown to enjoy.  We’ve partnered with Capitol Baseball in an exciting new adventure.  Our goal is to do a few more of these this offseason and then start up with some regularity in the 2012 season.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, […]

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Around The League: Fish Stripes Q&A Part II

Here is Part II of my Q&A with Michael Jong from Fish Stripes as part of our Around The League series. In case you missed it, here is Part I of the interview. TNB: What can Ozzie Guillen bring to the Marlins organization? Fish Stripes: I think Guillen brings excitement and a certain level of respect from the […]


Worst Moments of 2011 – #2: Nats Lose to Cubs after leading 8-0

In this installment of the Worst Moments of the Washington Nationals 2011 season, we regrettably remember the team’s 10-9 loss to the Chicago Cubs on July 7th. The Nationals were coming off of one of the best months in team history in July and this contest may have been a hangover from the previous month […]

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Worst Moments of 2011- #3: Nats Lose 11-1, Braves Win 10,000th

In todays installment of the Worst Moments in the 2011 Washington Nationals season, we recall July 15th when the Nationals lost 11-1 to the Braves for their 10,000th win as a franchise. This game held in Atlanta was each teams first action since the All-Star Break in Arizona and it quickly became evident the Nationals […]


Around The League: Fish Stripes Q&A Part I

In this weeks installment of the Around The League series, I spoke with Michael Jong from Fish Stripes, one of the top Miami Marlins blogs on the net to talk about his past blogging experience and what the future holds for the growing industry. TNB: What was your motivation in getting involved with Fish Stripes? Fish […]

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Worst Moments of 2011- #4: Houston, We Have A Fielding Problem

In this installment of the Worst Moments of the Washington Nationals 2011 season, we recall Saturday, September 10th and the brutal 9-3 loss at the hands of the Houston Astros. The Nationals (66-76) entered the game as favorites against the league worst Astros (48-96) as John Lannan toed the rubber against Houston “ace” Wandy Rodriquez. Although […]