Bryce Harper has an OPS of 1.379…with a wood bat


When we last left Bryce Harper he was batting .408/.451/.712 with six homers and 20 RBI through 20 games in his first, and likely only collegiate season. In seven games since he has managed to raise his numbers to .420/.514/.864 with eight homers and 32 runs scored.

Take a second to digest that, he is getting on base at better than 50 per cent of the time he goes to the plate and is slugging well over .800. To put that in perspective, the major league leader in slugging last year, Albert Pujols, only slugged .658. Harper also has an unthinkable 1.379 OPS as a 17-year-old…with a wood bat.

Harper has continued to show versatility by playing all over the field. Interestingly, he has started in centerfield his last two games and has appeared in the outfield in seven of his last nine games. Could it be possible Harper is advertising that he could be just as valuable to a major league club in the outfield as he would behind the plate? The Nationals just recently severed ties with their supposed right fielder of the future, could Harper fill that hole in a few years?

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