Graphic: Nationals Spend The Most On Draft

The below graphic is from Baseball America and represents the amount spent by the teams in Major League Baseball on signing bonuses for draft picks in their respective year. Three things worth noting here:

1. The Nationals outspent everybody in 2010 and 2009, yet it seems that 2009 raised the bar as three other teams spend over $10 million in 2010 when the Nats were the only to do so in 2009.

2. There is a distinct change between 2008 when Bowden ran the team and 2009/2010 when Rizzo and Kasten have been in charge. While you have to remember that the Nats failed to sign their first pick in 2008, Aaron Crow, even with a $4 million bonus (which was more than they offered) they were still pretty far back.

3. It’s really interesting to see a team like the Red Sox on this list considering they have been in contention all three of these years…perhaps it says something about the value Theo Epstein places in young talent.