Nationals Farm System Ranks 19th on Keith Law’s List

Keith Law of ESPN came out today with the rankings for farm systems in Major League Baseball, and the Nationals have actually cracked the top 20. They rolled in at number 19, so kudos to General Manager Mike Rizzo and his front office for investing money in the right places.

Already, the team has signed Bryce Harper, and with Stephen Strasburg recovering from arm surgery, the team could soon have two of the most exciting young players in the game playing on the same field, which, for Nationals fans, is something to salivate over.

They club has also made gains by signing players in later rounds of the draft that other teams did not want to touch, such as J.P. Ramirez and A.J. Cole. These players were both thought to be going to college but a Nationals paycheck changed their minds.

A potential problem for D.C. fans in the coming years, however, could be that two other teams in the National League East, the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies, rank third and fifth, respectively, on Law’s list. This means that the Nationals will continue to face challenges in the coming years because teams that are already ahead in the standings have higher rated farm systems.

The good news? The other teams in the bottom half of the division rank below the Nationals on this list. The New York Mets rank a very unimpressive 26th, while the Florida Marlins rank 29th.