Random Stat of the Day

Five of the top 10 picks in the 2009 draft will attend the Arizona Fall League this October.

The most notable participant of this group will be number one overall pick, Stephen Strasburg, who will be making his professional debut in the AFL. Strasburg will be pitching for the Phoenix Desert Dogs whose season will begin October 13th.

In an article by Jonathan Mayo, AFL executive director Steve Cobb said:

“This appears to be an exceptionally strong class of Major League prospects…..We will feature over 20 first-round Draft picks, several high-ceiling position players and the pitching depth is unmatched vs. previous years.”

Joining Strasburg in the AFL will be:


  • No. 2 pick- Dustin Ackley
  • No. 7 pick- Mike Minor
  • No. 8 pick- Mike Leake
  • No. 10 pick- Drew Storen
  • MLB.com’s #1 prospect-Jason Heyward



Random Stat of the Day

Manny Ramirez pre-suspension:  27 Games .348/.470/.622 6 HR 20 RBI 21 R

Manny Ramirez post-suspension: 41 Games .278/.378/.500 7 HR 25 RBI 19 R

Most people’s initial reaction to these numbers will obviously be that his numbers are down significantly due to him being off of the illegal substances he was previously on.

This may be true but there are likely other major contributing factors. First, as a 36-year-old who didn’t sign until spring training, and then missed 50 games in the middle of the season, it’s reasonable to believe that he is somewhat out of routine. While Ramirez has been on the DL in the past he has never had a huge injury to miss 50 whole games, and is usually well known for his pre-season preparation.

Another possible answer is that the suspension just took the wind out of the sales of a 36-year-old getting close to the end of his career anyways. It may be hard for him to mentally overcome.