Roark Strikes Out Career-High 15

Saturday was a career-best performance for Tanner Roark, as he fanned 15 batters in the Washington Nationals’ 2-0 win over the Minnesota Twins.

The start represented a true reversal for Roark, who had looked a little shaky over his first few outings, which were characterized by inconsistent command. While the Twins — who entered today’s action with 145 strikeouts, the third most in the American League — might not be the best measure for this trend, one thing that was clear on Saturday was Roark’s improved ability to generate swings and misses.

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Nats Blast Off in Four-Homer Inning

Tuesday night at Marlins Park, the Nationals took the opportunity to prove F.P Santangelo’s theory that offense is indeed cool. Jacking two sets of back-to-back home runs, the team turned the seventh inning into something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Maybe “one bomb, two bomb, slam bomb, oppo bomb” isn’t exactly how “One Fish, Two Fish” goes, but it is how the Nationals’ inning played out.

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Stephen Strasburg’s New Old Pitch

Stephen Strasburg has powered the Nationals to wins in his first three starts of the year, including Tuesday’s win over the Marlins. It might have been his most impressive outing of the year, as he threw eight shutout innings with 10 strikeouts and only three hits allowed. Strasburg has been utilizing his usual arsenal of a power fastball averaging 95 MPH, hammer curveball and devastating change up that Nationals fans are familiar with. But in each start this season, Strasburg has thrown a fourth pitch into the mix this year: a slider.

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Danny Espinosa

For a team with one of the best records in baseball, the Nationals have a very polarized lineup. Three regulars (Bryce Harper, Wilson Ramos, and Daniel Murphy) are hitting over .340, while another three (Michael Taylor, Jayson Werth, and Danny Espinosa) are hitting under .180. None of those six are likely to remain past their particular thresholds, but some are showing more positive signs than others. In going 1-for-3 with a walk in Monday’s loss to the Marlins, Espinosa showed why there is plenty of cause for optimism with him.

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